Stained glass windows with fixed mobile armatures

Designing stained glass windows with fixed mobile armatures

Vitraux Imbert is in the stained glass windows designing with fixed mobile armatures for different styles of glass racks. You can consult a website partner sua chua nha tien che ho chi minh about houses renovation in Vietnam.

Stained glass windows with a fixed mobile armature

Repairing stained glass windows with a fixed mobile armature

Vitraux Imbert is in the stained glass windows repairing with a fixed mobile armature for different types of glass supports. The Vitraux Imbert company is in décoration vitraux in France. You can read an english website factory building Ho Chi Minh City concerning properties construction in Vietnam.

Stained glass company
Stained glass windows fixed mobile armatures
Stained glass windows fixed mobile armatures

Fixed and mobile armatures

From the realization and installation of fixed metal frames adapted or customized,
to the manufacture and installation of frames and screens of external protections...

We carry out or restore all locksmith and ironwork components around the stained glass window.

Therefore, we work, steel, iron, stainless steel, but also brass and copper.

Supply and installation metal frame for the chapel windows :

  • A peripheral frame in metal angle.
  • Brushing elements with wire brush.
  • Application of 1 layer of anti-rust primer.
  • Application of 2 RAL paint finish coats of your choice.

Barotières in metal plate bolted on frame

  • Development flow design.
  • Cutting the material.
  • Creation of the frame (welds).
  • Filling the frame with the bar.

Assembly and installation

On-site assembly will be done according to the accurate survey (templates) of the old, elevated and plan locations, respecting the plumbs, alignments, levels, and location of the panels.

Handling will be done carefully to avoid damage to parts or the painting.
Paint connections will be made if necessary after assembly.

Presentation and sealing

Drilling in stone or masonry will be carried out with all the necessary precautions not
to damage the surrounding works.

They will have a section adapted to that of the profile, and their minimum depth will be4 cm.

The fixed reinforcements (barotières, T irons, etc.) will be presented and pre-sealed then permanently sealed. The sealing mortar will be based on hydraulic lime.

The movable armatures (strips, keys) will be displayed at their location on the whole bay.

Stained glass windows fixed mobile armature
Stained glass windows fixed mobile armature

Laying and resting

The laying of frames includes :

  • Handling for the presentation.
  • The pre-sealing of fixed reinforcement.
  • Installation in accordance with the survey carried out previously.
  • Precautions to avoid damaging the carpentry.
  • The caulking of reinforcement by mastic bath.
  • Cleaning after the event.

Nature of the frames : barlotières, strips, keys and pannetons, vergettes.

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