Restoration Stained Glass Windows Restoration Stained Glass Windows

A restoration to re-create a stained glass window!

To preserve a unique heritage, the restoration of stained glass windows is the art of re-creating a window identical to the original one. This calls for exceptional technical and artistic expertise but as well a true knowledge of the historical and cultural context within which resides the art work.

"Technique and trade secrets!"

For the past thirty years, the Imbert Studio, with its true expertise and understanding of the collective heritage has been realizing numerous restorations with the collaboration of architects with the historic monuments of France, local collectivity, diverse associations and dioceses.

Restoration windows stained glass More than thirty years of experience;
Restoration windows stained glass Rigorous methods and technique;
Restoration windows stained glass Antic glass chosen for their unsurpassed quality;
Restoration windows stained glass Collaboration with the historical monuments of France (architects and scientists);
Restoration windows stained glass Restoration that respects the original stained glass.

Restoring prestigious and unique stained glass windows!

Thanks to its solid reputation, Imbert Studio had the opportunity to lead the restoration of unique and prestigious stained glass windows both in France and abroad, and thus to participate in the preservation of a rich, diverse and renowned heritage.

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