Craftsman glassmaker Dominique Imbert in France

Dominique Imbert is a stained glass craftsman glassmaker

Dominique Imbert is a stained glass craftsman who creates or restores all types of old and modern stained glass windows in France. You can consult a website partner xay dung nha ho chi minh about houses contruction in Vietnam.

Craftsman glassmaker on stained glass in France

Dominique Imbert is a craftsman glassmaker on stained glass

Dominique Imbert is a maitre verrier vitraux who creates or renovates all styles of old and modern stained glass windows in France You can read a website partner house building Ho Chi Minh City concerning properties construction in Vietnam.

Stained glass company
Stained glass craftsman glassmaker

The artist Dominique Imbert

Dominique Imbert discovered the art of stained glass, when at the age of twelve,
he visited Paris, the Sainte Chapelle.

After high school in Marseille, he entered the competition at the National School
of Applied Arts and Crafts in PARIS.

Dominique Imbert graduated in 1979.

At the same time, he won the competition for the creation of a stained glass window
for the Ministry of National Education.

He participates with the Parisian workshop LE CHEVALIER, the creation and restoration of stained glass windows of Saint Séverin (Paris), The Sacred Heart (Paris), Saint Ayoul (Rouen), the cathedral of Nantes.

In 1980, Dominique Imbert creates his own workshop in Marseille.

His first regional project is the restoration of Roquevaire stained glass windows
in the Bouches du Rhône.

It restores the stained glass windows of many buildings classified or inscribed
on the Inventory of the Heritage.

He also designs and realizes stained glass windows for various monuments
and for private individuals.

Today, it is everywhere in France and mainly in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur,
that one can discover the works of the painter master glassmaker Dominique Imbert.

Distinction and reward :

1st prize of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts for stained glass
at the Ministry of Education in 1979.

Jean Roch Prize 2004 awarded by the Academy of Sciences, letters & Fine Arts
of Marseille.

Corresponding member of the Academy of Marseille.

Treasurer of the House of Crafts and crafts of the city of Marseille.

Medal of Artisanal Recognition - 2017.

Stained glass craftsman glassmaker

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